Casual Checked Jacket

Casual and trendy piece


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Casual Checked Blazer is a key part of a man's wardrobe. Made in Italy and crafted from checked wool, silk and linen-blend, this double-breasted piece exudes ageless sophistication. The structured shoulders and sleek detailing ensure a sharp silhouette. Combine it with jeans or suite pants.

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Dimensions 20 × 50 × 30 cm
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4 Bewertungen für Casual Checked Jacket

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    Etiam imperdiet, odio eget efficitur facilisis

  2. :

    I definitely like this jacket! It may help in any situation.

  3. :

    Wow! Cool shirt! Really comfortable to wear even in Summer.

  4. :

    Great shirt. I like the way it can be combined both with jeans and classic trousers.

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